Thursday, August 12, 2010

Queens, I'm Sorry

Taiwanese shaved ice at Yee Mei Fong Bakery

Queens always seemed like where people moved before they ended up in Long Island. My aunt and uncle talk of there sweltering Forest Hills apartment that preceded there Dix Hills homes. My recently married cousin also lives in Forest Hills, I imagine Long Island isn't too far off. I am aware that both Queens and Brooklyn are in Long Island, but I figured the likelihood of time in Brooklyn far outweighed my chances of hot days in Queens. I hated the Mets as a kid, the World's Fair ain't happening anymore, and aside from airports why bother. So I thought.

Here I am one year into my New York residence, still no NY license, and I'd like to apologize to the borough of Queens. I never imagined that on my valuable days off I'd be craving your goods. Your diversity of food astounds me. I crumble before your food. I crave your acceptance and hope to understand you. To my home borough of Manhattan and my former desired borough of Brooklyn, I'm sorry. From what I can tell, you're great, Bronx and Staten I'm sure are amazing too. But, Queens please don't wait for me. I'm coming soon.