Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brunch at Last

"It doesn't take a lot of people to kill people." Don Rummie on the Daily Show. Part 3 is amazing and makes me want to read a Donald Rumsfeld book. I feel weird.

Time for soup leftovers. But first...

Tonight's beverage is brought to you by the following.

And now back to Leftover Theater.

I sit here reheating Cantonese soup. It was delivered last night by Amy's Restaurant on 207th St. in Manhattan. Roast duck noodles wasn't the best, but soothing and affordable. They have solid tofu dishes to please my girlfriend and a $6 dollar soup is nothing to complain about when it serves as a second meal. Alone in my apartment I can't help reminiscing of recent dragon sightings and noodle slurping. Sheng Wang doesn't need my praise, but deserves it. And in the Girl Who Ate Everything didn't even have the peel noodles. And I would be a proper ass to not mention Phil's spot. Sun Sai Gai for char siu. Cantonese bbq pork and duck. Pig candy and fatty duck! And of course there was my work party below. A feast of dragonian proportions. Followed by a Sheraton lobby bar, and a crowded East Village one bedroom. Chinese New Year has been a good one. Stay tuned for New Years of the World. Next week we'll be celebrating the New Year Aymara-style in Bolivia. And if we're feeling motivated, the week after that will be Guatemala.

Until then, enjoy Asian Jewels Seafood.

Had I renewed my Center for Fiction membership sooner I'd be hearing Philip Roth with a crowd of fifty. Instead, I'm here, my girlfriend's on a plane to Charleston, and the reason I began writing is regaling the Mercantile Library. Why didn't my groupon come sooner?

At least I have this doctored up leftover roast duck noodles. I added the egg, my spicy plum sauce, some chiffonade of kale, and some "Everyone Says Good Good Eat" ramen crackers. Better than yesterday, and now half the cost.

And now that my appetite is satisfied I must rest. This closes the evening for Leftover Theater. Catch us tomorrow when we bring you "My Biscuit-making Days are numbered." I look forward to the accidental box of basil I have to use up for family meal tomorrow. Basil rice and lemongrass beef. Vietnamese fish sauce beef with basil carrot salad. I am on short time, and making the most of it. Two brunches and counting.

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